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Our People

In SmartOffice, we Value our People based on One Belief - When we Value our People, our People Value our Clients.  To achieve this, SmartOffice adopts a Total Hands-On Approach to ensure that all our staff are properly trained in both technical and soft skills, and are well updated with the current laws and regulations, change in business landscape, and contemporary government policies and initiatives.  Our staff would also receive training in a wide range of professional work in order to be all-rounders to better service our clients.


And, this is only made possible in SmartOffice because of One Single Important Quality - Our Management Staff has the will to succeed and the credential of many years of senior management experience as Business Managers and Chartered Accountants gained from top-notch multinational companies and international consultancy firms.  Equipped with these, together with our wealth of experience in managing our businesses over the years, we understand our People, our Business, and Your Needs.

Our Chief Executive Officer
Stephen Liu   BA (Hons), ACA, FCPA

Mr Liu has behind him more than 25 years of Consultancy, Financial and Operational Management experience.  He had held various senior management positions including Chief Financial Officer of various multinational corporations, and Audit Manager of Big Four international consultancy firms.  Prior to founding SmartOffice and his Public Accounting Practice in 2002, Mr Liu was the Business Unit Controller (Asia Pacific Region) of GE Capital, a Singapore financial service arm of the General Electric Company in the United States.


Specialising in financial services, manufacturing and telecom industries, Mr Liu has extensive working knowledge in process review & re-design, systems implementations, business developments, and corporate finance activities including strategic investment evaluations and initial public offerings.


Graduated with an Honours Degree in Accountancy, Mr Liu is a Public Accountant and a Chartered Accountant in Singapore.  Internationally, he is a Chartered Accountant in England & Wales and a Fellow Certified Public Accountant in Hong Kong.

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